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Broccoli Puss!

By patrickjack84, Apr 14 2016 02:52PM

Yes you read the title right! Broccoli Puss! Recently I have been designing some costumes for a new ITV2 topical comedy sketch show called Elevenish.

It features an array of brilliant comedians covering all the weeks biggest news. Its brilliantly funny and stars the likes of the “Birthday Girls” who are a fabulous comedy trio I have had the privilege of working with a few times. I designed the costumes for the E4 comedy sketch show they all stared in. "Top 5"

A couple of weeks ago we shot a few of their sketches – one of which was “Broccoli Puss”…(see pictures)

“A new trend sweeping the nation”. Myself and the girls chatted with the producers about the look of this sketch and the conclusion was a cheap bingo commercial meets bucks Fizz with a hint of a shopping channel.

As you can imagine it was great fun. We had a days turn around as the show is shot as live - so me my assistant and the trusty shopping trolly went whizzing around oxford street. I then spent the night making 3 whip away circle skirts to match the tops I had got them(Bucks Fizz style) that the girls could pull off for the big reveal. The next morning we started shooting.

If you head over to the Elevenish twitter page you can see a clip of the sketch.


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